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Cork Airport Buses

Cork Airport can be accessed everyday by coaches and by buses. You may reach the Cork Centre with other cities in the Town. If you want to avoid problems, you can book your bus before you reach to the airport and you will find that your place has already been kept before you reach there. However, you can book only if you are a group of 5 people and more. When you reach to the airport, you will find that the bus is already waiting for you and you will be able to avoid wasted time, stress or fuss. When you book your bus, you will find that someone is waiting for you to take you to your hotel. If you are in a group, you will be given group discount.

The bus services can take your from Dublin to Cork airport, from Cork Airport to other Cork areas such as the City Center, From Shannon to the Cork airport, from Rosslare Harbor to the Cork airport, from Cork Airport to The Kinsale, and from the Airport to the Killarney. If you are a group, you can order your private bus with the driver and the destinations that fits you.

If you want to get the bus collected from the Cork Airport, you have to give your flight number and names of your colleagues, friends and family. When you want to be picked up, you have to arrange to be done in the car park and you should not arrange to be picked up outside of the airport since it is not allowed. If for any reason you need to wait on the airport, you can do so in the Jack Lynch Departure lounge where you enjoy the relaxing and comfort atmosphere. For 3 hours, you will have to spend only 25 dollars. Other services that you can get include the magazine and newspaper, complimentary refreshments, flight departure monitor and free internet access. For the people who are frequent flyers, they can pay the limited fee of 242 euro per year. If you are more than 4 people you can ask for a private room.

If you did not book for a private bus, then you can go for public bus. There is always a new bus every 30 minutes and the journey may take at least 30 minutes depending on where you live. The fare may be from 5 euro depending on where you want to arrive. The bus also can offer the services to many destinations wherever you want to go in Ireland.