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Cork Airport Car Hire

When you book for a car from the car hire company, you have to keep the following in mind. The first thing that you should do is to check the vehicle if it has no damage. After that you will have to check the car hire agreement. The car hire agreement has to include all the damages that you find on your vehicle before you take it. If there is any damage that has not been recorded on the agreement, you have to let the company know about such damage as soon as possible. If the car had been delivered to you and you find out that there is something which was not recorded, then you will have to report it immediately to the location where the car come from.

Before you drive the car, you have to begin by familiarizing yourself with the car. You have to know where the controls are such as the hazard warning lights and headlights. You need also to adjust the seat as well as the mirrors so that they can suit your driving preference. If there is any information that you need to check, the vehicle instruction card is always kept into the glove compartment.

You need to plan your journey before you reach to the airport so that you can reduce the stress, the possibility of getting lost and possible congestion. When you drive, you have to think about greener environment. You have to drive in a smooth way by reducing the need for braking and rapid acceleration. In case you find yourself in the traffic jams, you can turn off the engine so that you can conserve the fuel and to cut off the emissions. Even if you need to stay cool, you will have to reduce the length of the time that you use the air conditioning to reduce the fuel consumption.

If you travel with the children, you should make them occupied if you are traveling long distances. You should travel with the picture books, story CDs and cuddly toy. If your children are older, then you can get computer games, iPods and counting games. You should take with you the non-sugary drinks and snacks like water, fruit snacks and juice for your children.

Some of the damage to look for in a car is the wear and tear. You should look for the rubbing strips, bumper, body and paintwork. You have to look for the scratches that are under the coating and cannot be easily polished out. Look for the lamp lenses and window glasses to see if there are the marks which have been removed as well as the stone chips which have more of 2mm diameter.

When looking for the car hire at Cork Airport, remember the following. Look for the company which gives the car that it has promised. The company has to offer the discounts and low rate but without compromising the quality of the services. The cars should be new while you can book online and you can get access to the company service in an efficient, quick and easy way. The booking has to be based on the points and the miles that you make. You will get better discount if you rent the cars more often.

While driving in Cork, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is the roundabouts. If you are not familiar with the Ireland round about, you should know that all the drives in Ireland have to be on the left hand side of a road and you can make clockwise turns. It is good if you know all roundabouts that you can encounter while driving to your destination.