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Alamo Cork Airport

If you want to get the best value of your car hiring at Cork Airport then you have to go for Alamo car rental. The price that you need to pay is inclusive to offer the peace of mind. You will get a hassle free service regardless if the car is being delivered to you or is being collected from you on the airport. You can now book the car you want online. The Alamo company ensures that your travel is safe and makes you happy. However, you will have to review some of the company safety information before you take out the car. To enhance your safety, the company also offers the road assistance for 24 hours and a baby seat. When you are driving there are some important tips to keep in mind so that you can stay safe. You need to know the route you take very well, you should never offer the rides, you need to close all the windows while driving and you have to hide all the valuables that you have. If for any reason you feel like your safety is threatened you have to make a call immediately and you should only park where there is light.

Before you rent a car from Alamo Rent car at Cork Airport, you have to read first their agreement. The agreement is also translated into German, Italian, Spanish and French. You need to get the car rental copy and you should always have it when you drive to show that you are legally in the possession of that car. You have to get the car serial number when you rent the car and the agreement had to show the Alamo rental station, time and date that you need to use the car.

The agreement has also to show when you have to return the car and the drivers who are allowed to drive that car. The fee that you pay for the car, has to include the airport fee, surcharges, airport fee and imposed fee from the government. You can pay using your credit card and you can only deposit a small amount while you will have to pay the remaining balance afterwards. The name that it is found on the credit card has to be the same with the one which is found on the reservation. If you need to have an additional driver, you can also be required to pay extra charges for him.