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Hertz Cork Airport

Whenever you visit Cork Airport you will get the Hertz car waiting for you. The airport is located at least 8 km from the city center and it is among the growing airports in the entire Europe. You can use two different terminals when you want to reach to the airport. When you hire the services of Hertz at Cork Airport, you will get the affordable services without any compromise on the quality of the services that you get. You can learn about the company rates when you visit the company website. If you book the car from the Hertz, you will automatically get access to the frequent flyer miles and Gold plus rewards. You will have peace of mind since you will be getting only low rates and you can book online. There is always someone to talk to whenever you want and in local language of where you come from. When you book with the company, you will not be charged any credit card fee, there is no fee for the booking amendment and you can pay while booking or while collecting the car.

You can qualify for 15 percent discount with the students car hiring program. You qualify if you are a student, if you are over 23 years old and if you had the license for around one year. You can get the car whether you just arrived at the airport or when you are moving the accommodation, when you just go for the break or to visit the friends wherever they may be. The discount is 15 percent on the cars and 20 percent discount on the vans. However, you will need to pay for young driver surcharge while picking up the vehicles. The rates that you will have to pay may vary depending on different factors. When you apply for the car in this program, you will have to present your ID of a student, you have to show your license to confirm if you have it for at least a year. You should get the credit card in the names that you are using to book. If you live or you are a regular traveler at Cork, then you can choose to join the Hertz club to make your car rental somehow special. You may join for free, you will get the discount wherever you are in the city and you will get fast reservation. You will earn free weeks or days whenever you use the company services.