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Sixt Cork Airport

When it comes to hiring the car at Cork airport you should not only hire the car but you need to go for the cars which have been developed by the leading manufacturers in the car industry. Sixt car rental has just what you are looking for and you will get whatever you are looking for regardless of your preferences and needs. You will get the right car if you want to take your family for a vacation or you just need the car for the perfect romantic getaway. The Sixt fleet is always growing and there are always the new additions in terms of the new technology and new vehicles. You will always get the car to fit your budget when you use car rentals services. The vehicles come from the company such as Cadillac, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes and BMW.

Sixt cars are always about the quality and all the cars have made less than 125,000 or they may have only been used for 6 months. Other services offered by the company are the leather interior, navigation system and line sound system. The company has experience of more than 100 years and you can get the cheap rental services from this company. The car rental can be based on the weekly or yearly period. The company is around the world and you can find it in many places besides Cork airport. These locations are Great Britain, Dubai, France, Greece, Spain and Germany among others. With the experience that the company has, you will always be ensured of getting the best price and you will never fall into any problem with the company cars.

The company offers also the service online such as booking, cancellation of the reservation, rebooking if you have changed the plan and the copy of the invoice. You can also get proximity maps, change of personal data, reservation confirmation, updates of the credit card information, online check in from the company website. However to get access to such services, you will need to sign up in the company website.

Sixt is the leader in the B2B car rental and you will be ensured of your staff mobility 24 hours and 7 days. The extra services that you can get from the company include the corporate card that helps you to qualify for the company special deals. You can also get better deals if you are getting the car for your employees when they come to Ireland for vacation.