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Avis Cork Airport

The Avis is the car rental company which strives to give the best services to its customers and they have the employees who have the right experience when it comes to give you the best services. There are many service that Avis has to offer which include the car delivery at Cork Airport and rapid return services. When you book the car services, your name will appear on the confirmation that will be sent to you. In case you need the vehicles, you can always contact the company through their contact provided on their website. When you book for the car with Avis, the price that you pay will include the actual cost of the vehicle and its unlimited mileage. You have to pay for the vehicle license fee and you should include the airport surcharge. The price also can include the theft cover as well as the damage cover. To qualify to drive the company’s car, you will have to have a clean license for the vehicle that you want to rent. It has to be at least over a year and it has to be from your residence country. You should always have the license with you while driving.

The car services at Cork Airport may include the car leasing, the car pooling and flexible alternative when you hire the car for long term. You can choose the car with no commitment or with no deposit needed. The minimum period for this program is 28 days and you can enjoy the experience of driving the rented vehicle. The complete package include the following features which are: free mileage, fee collection or delivery services, no maintenance bills, no hidden extras, no fee for additional driver and the road assistance for 24 hours. If you need to get the multiple vehicles or if you are a business person, you will get the package that fits well your requirements and your needs. If you would like to get the car for your business needs, you can register or you can book online. If you have small business or medium enterprises, you will get low business rate and flexible rates if you choose longer days for your car rental. You can also get the best services if you have a travel management company or a corporate company. If you sign up for free membership, you can enjoy exclusive benefits which include priority for the car you want, free additional driver, guaranteed upgrade and choosing your own line.